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Steelworks and Lifting Equipment for industrial bodywork

LIBNER Company (industrial bodywork) awarded ADC the construction of a new  production building of a surface of 1 690 m² of dimensions 18 x 92 m.

Poutres légères

Synergies between ADC steelworks and handling-lifting departments

This project was conducted jointly by our steelworks (Framing, Roofing, Cladding, Sectional Doors and runways) and Lifting-Handling departments.
charpente + poutres libner

11 appliances

Pour ce beau projet,
9 Poutres suspendues légères de capacité 1t ainsi que 2 Poutres de capacité 2 x 1.6t ont été installées.

For this beautiful project,
9 light hanging cranes of capacity 1t as well as 2 underslung cranes of capacity 2 x 1.6t were installed.

charpente libner

An historical collaboration

Other projects, particularly in steel structures, are underway, such as the readjustment of their offices (repair of cladding and roofing).

With these projects, the LIBNER Company has renewed the trust it has shown us for many, many years.