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Our new 80t TJ hoist enters the DCNS (Defense)


TJ Hoist 80t

We installed, in replacement of obsolete equipment, two cranes in the Nef D "clean workshop" of the Naval Group site in Indret (south-west of Nantes).

These are used in particular for the handling and assembly of components of military equipment developed by the group.

The handling of these high value-added parts, manufactured on the site, is sensitive and complex, and requires slow and precise movements that the old equipment could not achieve.

"Turning" crane

Double girder overhead crane + walkway with 80t capacity & 20.75 m span, equipped with 2 TJ hoists, a main 80t (16/2) and an auxiliary 40t (8/2) allowing the turning of parts, both equipped with floorings and controled by ventral radio-desk in "full proportional" from 0 to 100% of the maximum speed.

Standard crane

Below, 1 more standard crane of capacity 10t, double girder, 15,48 m span with raised girders and shifted to pass under the runway cantilevers of the 80t crane.
These 2 cranes are part of a global contract including the supply of several appliances on the other sites of the group, such as Lorient and Brest.