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Hydoelectric plant in La Coche (Alpes, France)

At the entrance to Tarentaise in Savoie, EDF is leading one of the largest hydropower development projects in France with the extension of the La Coche production plant.

ADC was awarded the contract for studies / supply / assembly / commissioning of heavy lifting equipment for new buildings: 14 appliances (overhead and hanging cranes, monorails), including the largest crane (in terms of capacity) ever built by ADC : 2x200 t / 40 t / 2x10 t and 18.10 m span!

In addition to the high capacity, was the difficulty of manufacturing the crane following the extremely demanding EDF specifications (RRCMH: Rules for the Realization and Control of Hydraulic Materials, usually applied to water pipes and valves).

The tests were successfully carried out with 500t of load (1.25 times the nominal load).

Working upstream of the project, Franki Foundation (Fayat Group) laid the foundations of the future plant with nearly 200 piles cased up to 28 meters deep.