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ADC Connect

ADC innovates and accompanies you towards the industrial transition of the factory 4.0! From now on, with the technologies of the connected object (Internet of Things - IoT) your device becomes communicating!

What is ADC Connect?

ADC Connect® collects, stores, analyzes and leverages usage data from your lifting equipment to assist you in improving the safety, availability and performance levels of your equipment while optimizing life cycle costs.

Your benefits

  • Treat yourself to a tailor-made guarantee

    Benefit from a minimum warranty period of 4 years and extendable to 10 years with our service contracts!

  • Secure your teams

    Follow the operating and safety indicators in real time: receive alerts in case of inappropriate use of the equipment: overloading, pitching, hauling...

  • Control your costs and your performance

    Improve your production flow with equipment usage indicators.

    Optimize your cost of ownership with predictive maintenance.

    Anticipate your future investments thanks to the wear indicators of your lifting unit and its components.

  • Optimize your organization

    Be alerted of maintenance and VGP to be carried out and ensure the technical follow-up with your dematerialized documentations.

    On your dedicated storage space, find all the life documents of your equipment for a better traceability. 

Presentation of the platform


Display of component wear information


Posting of the document archive, including the user manual


Monitoring display


Display on a digital tablet

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